We celebrate women from all over the world

Those who succeed and those who overcome, those who lead and those who think, those who win and those who learn. We share our stories so that we don’t feel alone. We laugh, learn, try and cry together.

Who Is Shona?

Shona is Tammy Darcy’s – The Shona Project Founder – sister. Tammy has always mentioned that “no matter how hard I tried to catch up as a child, Shona always remained a solid 18 months older than me. In spite of this, we bonded over a shared love of rice pudding, fancy pages and erasers that smelt like strawberries”. 

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Here are some clips we found that inspire us and celebrate amazing women doing amazing things. Enjoy…

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I have a beautiful soul, a brilliant mind, and an open heart.

I acknowledge that I am an ever-growing and always-learning work in progress.

I own my flaws, but I will succeed in spite of, and maybe because of, my weaknesses. They do not define me.

I promise to lift up other girls, to have their backs, to appreciate & celebrate our differences and to encourage them to always be themselves.

I will always be myself.

I promise to be kind, not just to others, but also to myself.

I will use my voice in a positive way and be a positive influence in this world.

I am enough.


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Woman holding a sign that reads 'School Workshops for Girls, Boys, or Mixed'


Our core workshop has been delivered in schools all over Ireland since October 2016. It is suitable for 1st to 6th year and is amended to suit the needs of your school…

Topics covered include:

  • The challenges we face as young women in Ireland today
  • How we approach and address these challenges
  • The people who influence us and shape us as people
  • How we treat ourselves and each other
  • Respecting and Encouraging difference and diversity
  • Setting goals and identifying how we can achieve them
  • Our place in the world and how we would like to be remembered


You can read an Irish Times feature on our workshops here.